The Chi Chapter at CSUSB Established as Gamma Zeta Alpha’s 22nd Chapter




When Daniel Rosales became the Director of Expansion, he immediately began to lay out the foundation to establish the Chi Chapter at California State University, San Bernardino. After several months of dedicated work, the prospective Chi Chapter is now officially established, becoming the 22nd chapter in our fraternity’s history.

Along with Daniel , Jose Guadalupe Sanchez and Kevin Rosas assisted in overseeing the process of these gentlemen becoming a new chapter.

The Chi Chapter founding members are Mauricio Flores, Joseph Rosales, Steve Rosas, Oscar Luna, and Leonard Edward.

“I am beyond excited with the Founding Brothers at our Chi Chapter at California State University, San Bernardino!” said Marco Santana, National President of Gamma Zeta Alpha. “These five gentlemen persevered and were relentless. I know that they will fill a much needed desire for the student population and community at San Bernardino by following in our fraternal principles, and with the level of acumen they showed throughout the process, I am positive they will be leaders on their campus.”

Congratulations to the Chi Chapter and the brothers involved in the establishment of the chapter.

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