Event Approval Process

This checklist will help improve turnaround time for approval on event submissions.

  1. Plan to submit event proposal 37 days before event date. The first 7 days will be used by BOD to review and submission and complete any missing items. Packet must include the following:
    1. Special Event Form from insurance packed filled out and signed. Found in the Insurance and Claim Manual on page 15.
    2. Event promotional materials (flyer, shirts, tickets, online ads, etc)
    3. Venue contract unsigned, once approved the chapter can sign the agreement.
  2. Additional Insured Request form – If the venue requires an insurance certificate with their name listed, please fill out the Additional Insured Request form found in the Insurance and Claim Manual on page 19. (Note our insurer requires that form and 30 days to provide an updated certificate)
  3. Athletic Event – Please confirm that the Athletic Event Participation Waiver will be distributed and required from all participants. The waiver can be found in the Insurance and Claim Manual on page 20.
  4. Promotional materials must include the following (Abide by Branding Guidelines):
    1. The fraternity name, should be written in full on flyer Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    2. Include chapter name and school name. Full or initials is fine
    3. At least one contact information for tickets
    4. The shield is not used for party events
    5. Letters are fine.