Press Release :: Culinary Workers Union Local 226


Gamma Zeta Alpha reaffirms our support for members of unions around the world, and colleagues in light of the discovery that the Palms Resort and Casino currently not working with these entities. As our organization has planned its’ 30 Year Anniversary Gala and booked the spaces within the resort, the news of the company’s decision to work without union representation is disheartening. Gamma Zeta Alpha was founded in trying times where underrepresented students lacked advocacy and allies.  Through our guiding principles our fraternity has stood side by side with disenfranchised students and communities in helping gain access and equality.

We applaud the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 continued support of the workers and families who are otherwise rendered voiceless. Gamma Zeta Alpha’s roots have and continue to be grounded in assisting communities in need and we support the ideals for more permanent action to secure union rights and future. Gamma Zeta Alpha is dedicated to the health and well-being of the entire underrepresented community, which includes the families of our student members, the communities they represent and recognizes the many conflicting and intersecting barriers that exist for this population. The decisions to withstand from having union representation is not congruent with the values that we as an organization stand for. Gamma Zeta Alpha will continue to support the efforts of unions to create inclusive spaces and resources for employees with businesses it partners with along with the policies which enforce these efforts.

As noted in our conversations with union representatives, we as an organization do not have the financial capability to remove our event from the resort as we have invested a considerable sum of money that cannot be returned. Unfortunately, the information regarding the situation between Union Local 226 and the Palms came to light after we have made the initial investments. While we are not able to divest from the program, we have made the commitment to be more cognizant, supportive and assist with the efforts for workers rights.

Echoing our first communications, the Board of Directors of Gamma Zeta Alpha has deepened its’ commitment within social justice. We are pleased to collaborate with unions and workers to answer several follow-up questions. As we have shared in the past, Gamma Zeta Alpha’s commitment does not start and end with this statement, or any future statement and advocacy efforts. We will always provide an inclusive spaces where you can learn and connect with each other.

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