Our commitment to structural changes within the organization

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Supporting our members and communities goes well beyond words of solidarity. Due to recent misconduct allegations, some members of the Board of Directors and Committee Members, at the request of the Executive Officers, have stepped down from their leadership roles. We take these allegations very seriously and they are currently being reviewed by our Judicial Board. Although the investigations are still underway, we recognize that this is a necessary step in order to maintain our integrity.  We remain committed to systematic and cultural change within our organization. 

We would like to reaffirm that we are committed to educating our members, actively calling out toxic and harmful behavior, and supporting our communities through service, action, and solidarity. Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity is committed to our principles that embrace diversity, equality, access, inclusion, and respect—we all play a role in recognizing, calling out, and mitigating bias in our organization to ensure an inclusive environment for everyone, within and outside of our organization.

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