Leadership Summit 2013 at Cal Poly Pomona



It’s that time of year again when we prepare for the upcoming school year as we host the Leadership Summit to engage in informational workshops and host seminars for all chapter officers and new brothers.
This years Summit will be hosted on August 24, 2013 at Sigma Chapter Cal Poly Pomona.

Register  today for the Leadership Summit!


Chapter officers and neos must register by August 19, 2013. There is no registration fee. On August 20, 2013, individuals may still register for the Gamma Leadership Summit for $10 (plus applicable fee) until August 23, 2013, at which point registration will go up to $20 (plus applicable fee) and attendees will need to register onsite. If you have questions about signing up online, feel free to contact Leonel Beltran (secretary@gammas.org) for assistance.


Learn firsthand the solutions and strategies that will help develop your chapter through interactive round table discussions, breakout sessions, and 1-on-1 networking opportunities with your peers and GZA colleagues as we showcase the ways in which to address the most important issues in our organization this very moment, including:

* Improved decision making
* Increased collaboration and effectiveness
* Success strategies for specific chapter roles
* Resource guides and improvement plans


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