Facing Social Injustice as a Unified Community


Gamma Zeta Alpha, whose founding is rooted in Latinx culture, has welcomed members from different backgrounds, ethnicities, social-economic backgrounds, and countless other intersectional identities.

We understand that society has changed drastically, and due to technology becoming deeply embedded in our daily lives, we are allowed more insight and connectedness with other communities; and are also able to view the struggles they face as well. 

Despite these changes, we continue to experience the systematic oppression of Black communities as well as the silencing of historically marginalized groups, such as people of color. In a time when we need a message of hope and unity from our leadership in this diverse nation, we are instead being further divided and marginalized by said leadership, while we experience and bear witness to horrific acts such as the killing of George Floyd. As an organization that prides itself in the uplifting of our members and as well our communities through contribution and community service, we must use our voice and platform to speak out against the most recent injustices, as well past wrongs and acts of racism. Waiting until someone close to us is affected by discrimination in a system intended to serve and protect, is not the answer. We must challenge and support those within the system to speak out and change these racist legacies, and recognize the value that change would bring when we all do our part. 

We ask that our members:

  • Speak for those who do not have a voice or have been silenced
  • Listen to the issue at hand and do your best not to act solely on emotions
  • Reach out when you need support with expressing your emotions
  • Engage in dialogue with others that may not have the same perspective as you 
  • Most importantly, be aware of the many layers of our society that structural racism is embedded into, and work to dismantle it

We can move forward by unifying our communities through open and formative dialogue and action, and acting in solidarity with those most affected. We can remind the institutions of their wrongdoings by remembering those who have passed due to acts of injustice and saying their names. Together we can become agents of constructive and positive change in our communities, and promote social justice in society. 


In Solidarity

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