Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc. stands in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters


To the Brothers of Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc:

Following the 2016 Presidential Election, the magnitude of hateful rhetoric that has proliferated against several communities but not limited to Latinos and our undocumented brothers and sisters has intensified across our country. We as a community find ourselves in ambiguous and indeterminate times. Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc. stands in solidarity with members of our diverse and multicultural community; we will remain resolute in being there for any and all members. Notwithstanding of one’s political affiliation or preferences, it is not dubious that in the recent months, the results of our election have elicited a range of emotions in our community.

In this message, we wanted to reach out to our undocumented membership from all walks of life. Your organization stands with undocumented students and marginalized groups that have been ousted and made feel less than as a result of the election. This election has not reduced our willingness to stand by you, rather it has motivated us to support you side-by-side and remain committed to maintaining our belief in educational equity and social justice for all. Our fraternity was born out of strife when we as a community did not have a collective or advocates to speak on behalf of our struggle and plight; we are steadfast in ensuring that you are advocated for. We remember our heritage, the fight for those that came before us, as we continue our servitude and open arms to the undocumented student community.

We recognize that for many these are difficult times, this is when we work together to empower, mentor, and support our membership with the help of all brothers to enhance and develop our commitment to civic engagement and social accountability by emulating our principles:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Community Service
  • Brotherhood

Now is the time to unify, act and revel in the results of embodying the principles that hold dear. Now is when we all must lend a helping hand, an open mind and a warm embrace as a reminder that our community is not alone in this battle. We are confident that by pulling together, we can heal and be stronger while setting the example for each other and exemplifying to the world what a community looks like when poise, dignity, and generosity are the standards that guide and embody our actions.

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