Bay Area Alumni Association – Alumni and Actives Sporting Event


On Saturday January 31st 2015, Brothers and interested members of Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. gathered at California State University, East Bay – Tau Chapter for an eventful day of football, soccer and barbecuing. The purpose of this event was to bring Brothers together along with their interests for the intention of networking, reminiscing, casual conversations, sports and food. We started off the afternoon playing football followed up by soccer and we concluded the sporting event with a delicious potluck and barbecue. We ended the evening by taking a group photo in addition a photo with all Brothers who attended the event at CSU East Bay’s University Hill where Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was recently recognized and our beautiful letters were placed. Brothers up to all the Brothers who attended along with their interests, we all had a great time! Chapters in attendance: Beta, Gamma, Delta, Lambda, Omicron, Tau, Phi.

The Bay Area Alumni Association of Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc was formed roughly six months ago. A diverse group of gentlemen from different chapters collaborated to create an association that openly invites our Brothers located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to come together and give back to our beloved fraternity and communities. Our mission is to create an event each month that honors one of our principles; academic excellence, community service and the maintenance of the Latino culture through brotherhood. We currently meet once a month, on the second Tuesday of each month throughout the Bay Area. The hard work and endless dedication of these gentlemen deserves to be recognized, The BAAA would not be possible without: James Stephens Jr. (Delta), Juan Carlos Lopez (Theta), Jesus Morales (Lambda), Jose Rocha (Alpha), Andres Baires (Beta), Mikey Chavez (Gamma), Manny Gomez (Omicron), Juan Lua Jr. (Tau), Bernardo Godinez (Tau), Arturo Amador (Tau), Ricky J. Alvarez (Tau).  If you have any questions or if you would like to form an Alumni Association of your own please contact: Ricky J. Alvarez at


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