Alumni Reaching the Top of the Pyramid


The ultimate goal of the fraternity is to help every brother make it to the top of the pyramid. Today we would like to recognize the following brothers on their academic achievement and strive toward the top of the pyramid.

Diego I. Vera, Theta Chapter Xi Class

Our brother Diego recently graduated from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Currently, he is working in compensation law at Law Offices of Juan J. Vera helping to fiercely and professionally represent several hundreds of injured workers in the San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Sacramento counties. Our brother’s future plans are to take the Bar exam this month while also preparing for his wedding in October. Congratulations Brother!

Moises Olavarrieta, Xi Chapter Iota Class

Our Brother Moises has continued to make strides in his academic endeavors and a big advocate for higher education in his community. He has most recently been awarded the 2017 Andres Y Maria Cardenas Family Foundation Scholarship for my academic achievement, community involvement, and demonstrated leadership. At his ceremony, not only was he honored to be recognized by Congressman Tony Cardenas, but he was elated to share his experience with two of his biggest supporters of all time. Currently, he is perusing a Masters degree in education. Keep up the great work Brother!

Carlos Velez-Lobo, Eta Chapter Mu Class

Our brother Carlos graduated this summer from the University of Southern California and received double masters in social work and public health. It is tough enough achieving one master’s, try graduating with two! Truly inspiring brother, congratulations! Your hard work and passion for helping others will take you far Brother and we look forward to your future accomplishments! Officially Carlos M. Velez, MSW, MPH!

Ernest George Martinez Jr, Epsilon Chapter Kappa Class

Our Brother Ernie recently graduated from the Alliant International University. He received his doctorate in organization development psychology. Becoming a doctor is no small feat, it takes a lot of dedication and many years of school. Your accomplishment will inspire many in our brotherhood and community. Congratulations Brother on your recent endeavor, officially Dr. Ernie Martinez.

Reginaldo Villarreal, Beta Chapter Omicron Class

Our Brother Reggie strived to become a man that will uphold the law and assist those that need his help. The challenge he faced was to take the test all must take to take on the title of lawyer. Most recently our Brother overcame his obstacle and passed the California state bar exam. Congratulations Brother Reggie, officially Reggie, J.D. Attorney at Law.

William Hutzel, Tau Chapter FF

Our Brother Will has always had a passion for mathematics and physics. Rumor has he had a large glass mirror in his college dining room where he would solve equations. He most recently graduated from the California State University, Long Beach with a Masters in Experimental & Theoretical Physics. In addition, our Brother was just admitted to Georgia State University where he will pursue his Ph.D. in nanoplasmonics. Congratulations Brother and we hope to see many great things from you in the future.

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